Theo Newton

About Me

Theodore Michael Newton was born on November 6, 1988 in San Diego, California. His mother, Deirdre Newton, is of Irish descent, and worked for Lockheed Martin. His father, Fredrick Charles Newton III, who is of German-English descent, is a marine biologist. Theodore graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Music from the University of Redlands in 2010, and went to work in Los Angeles playing music and writing a trilogy. At the end of 2014, he participated in and did sound for a play at a fringe festival in New Orleans, and fell in love with acting.

In 2015, Theodore moved to New York City to study acting and perform in various projects. Recent favorites include - This Side Up (film, 2021), Sleepers (tv, 2019), Locked Alone (film, 2018), A Game's Afoot (theatre, 2018), Down the Road (theatre, 2018), Empower (commercial, 2020), and Harry's Razors (commercial, 2017).

Theodore is married to actress Cecilia Kim.

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